Monday, May 28, 2012

Adhesive art trouble - and my fix

Those giant stickers you see on walls everywhere are quite popular. Every once in awhile I find some at Target that strike my fancy at a really good clearance price. (As in 70-90% off!) I hung a Union Jack up in Teen's room to go along with the theme of his never ending Harry Potter Lego and general Harry memorabilia. His has stayed put and not caused any problems.

However, I found this one to put in our kitchen which has given me problems:

As you can see it goes well with the 9 million glasses and beer steins my husband started collecting when he lived in Germany (sigh.) But it has a few problems. First it is mostly transparent so it doesn't really go with the wall. Secondly, it is peeling off.

Luckily I discovered that it fits perfectly on the 12x24 blank canvas sold by Michaels. (Which I bought when it was half off, of course.

So I painted the canvas to give it a bit of a wood look while still matching the boring tan kitchen wall and allowing for the sign to show through. I used a brown that I mixed a bit with an off white to given it an uneven paint look.

After the paint dried I applied a layer of Modge Podge to the canvas and put the sticker/wall sign on it. Once that dried, I coated the entire thing in another layer of Modge Podge. I had to add extra Modge Podge to the edges of the sign because they were so used to curling on the wall.

It was a stormy day when I took this photo so this isn't the best. But believe me - it is a massive improvement. And best of all, it isn't going to peel off the wall!

When things go insane!

Things have been completely wild in the KCCandK world. To begin with, I had no idea how much I used my laptop until it died on me! It is like turning on a light switch even though the power is gone. How many times have you done that? When three hurricanes wiped out our power for quite some time I still flipped on light switches over and over again. Old habits!

Well, when I lost my computer it was the same thing. I'll look that up... oops! I had no idea how much I relied on it. Yes we have a few others in this household but I really couldn't use them for my blog because everything was on mine. Well, I held on as long as I could. But then I decided to go back to school and my online classes required one of my own. So here we are again!

For the record, during the time the laptop died, so did my camera, the dryer, and my cell phone. I am one of those rare people who never use my cell, so that was no big deal. But they dryer and my camera were important to me.

After drying things out on the line (which is actually stretched across our lanai) we did some radical thinking and tried to FIX the dryer. (Florida humidity takes forever to dry clothing.) The dryer still ran - it just didn't dry anything. So really it was just a big tumbler that ate electricity. Hubby and I ran one of those big brushes up through the hoses to get rid of the lint. That helped a little. Then my crazy mother came over for a visit and CLIMBED ON MY ROOF! (Yes, my Mom is wild like that.) What she found was incredible. The dryer cap up there had over TWO thick inches of lint covering it. Talk about a fire waiting to happen. With that removed the dryer worked better than it ever had.

Moral to the story - don't pitch your beat up dryer, have your Mom climb on the roof instead.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cereal Box Craziness!

If there is one thing we have an overabundance of in this house, it would be cereal boxes. Usually they go into a dumpster at Tall's school where they are recycled into insulation with the school getting part of the profit. I love a win-win situation like that!

However, I recently dipped into the cereal box stash for a project that I will share later in this blog. (In other words, when I finally finish it.) And then I began to wonder what other creative ideas bloggers came up for their cereal box stashes. Here are some of the wonderful projects that I pinned onto my Pinterest board:

The beautiful gift bag is made by Colleen at Clever Nesting. I love the colors!

These hexagonal stacking boxes are so clever and a great way to store small items. Think of the pretty patterned papers you could decorate them with to match your desk or wherever you would want to use them. The tutorial comes from Lenore at Evil Mad Scientist. (I love that site and I really need to feature it soon.)

I cannot believe this pretty trivet and coaster set are made out of cereal boxes. Check out Patricia's tutorial over at Green is Universal to make your own. Now I just need a nice teapot to go with them!

I love the simplicity of this journal by Ellen at The Long Thread. It looks great as it is, but you could add all sorts of things to it if you wanted to jazz it up.

Easter is around the corner but this little basket is way to cute to tuck away after the holiday. Michele at Michele Made Me used thin strips from cereal boxes to make this nest of cuteness. She also made an adorable garland the same way.

This last project is another one of those, "no way those are made of cereal boxes" post. These lighthouse candle holders (for battery operated tea lights of course) are the genius idea of  Angie over at her blog, Burton Avenue.

I hope these have inspired you to hang on to that empty boxed of Mini Wheats and Frosted Flakes - because you never know what they could become!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Apartment Therapy

Most of you reading this (as in two out of the three, not including my mother) have already checked out Apartment Therapy. But if you haven't heard of it or, like me, you avoided the site because the name is misleading - head on over there! In fact, why are you still here? You should be over at Apartment Therapy right now!

Apartment Therapy isn't just about apartments. It does tend to cater to the design of small spaces, but many of those spaces are houses, and many are of a much larger size than the average apartment. It is a wonderful site full of all different design ideas. What I really like about it, is that it displays all sorts of tastes and styles. The home tours are often very different from each other and I always come away with some great ideas.

The site is updated with new things constantly, so I try to head over there as many times a week as I can.

Be sure to check out:

Before and After and


(Two of my favorite sections!)

The only thing I don't understand? What is up with that cute squiggle of a icon?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Downton Abbey

Today has been a laze about day for all of us. I would use the excuse that we are recovering from camping. But the truth is that we are just being lazy. However, I think everyone needs a lazy day from time to time. Teen has been off with a friend and Tween and Tall have been dividing their time between playing the Wii and running the doll preschool that is so well organized I could take lessons from it.

I have been doing the camping laundry. (It is amazing how much clothing the girls get wet trying to catch fish with small nets all weekend.) But while things have been washing and drying I have indulged myself on a marathon of online videos.

For some time now, a friend has told me that I should watch PBS's Masterpiece Classic, Downton Abbey. She loves it. To be honest, I didn't really think it was up my alley. I am more of a sci-fi fan. I would be more likely to watch a marathon of Dr.Who than anything else. But while flipping through Netflix one insomniac night, I came across season one of Downton Abbey and was immediately hooked.

Keep in mind, I like aliens, temporal anomalies, and dystopian societies. I never watch soap operas or dramas in general. So the fact that I became hooked on a story about disappearing aristocracy, backstabbing footmen, and illicit affairs in early 20th century England is rather surprising. But hooked I am.

And now I have to go. The season finale of season 2 is waiting for me at PBS.